Do you want to unleash your tech career potential this year?


  • Do you want greater career clarity, confidence and the ability to unlock the hidden tech jobs market? ACS Queensland’s Preferred Recruitment Partner Nicola Steel of JJP Talent Solutions can help.
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The Digital Careers Young Tech Ambassadors (YTA) school awareness program, supported by the Queensland Government’s Digital Professional Workforce Action Plan 2020 – 2024, organises the new wave of digital professionals to get face to face with secondary students to promote careers in digital.

Do you want to unleash your tech career potential this year?

Nicola Steel, ACS Preferred Recruitment Partner and Founding Director of JJP Talent Solutions, has distilled her 25 years of experience into a Career Transformation Challenge which is designed to help tech professionals advance their careers.

Do any of these scenarios resonate with you?

•         You're feeling unsure about your career path

•       You struggle to showcase your skills effectively.

•       Accessing the hidden job market seems like a mystery.

•      Moving up in your career and salary feels daunting.

If you've nodded along to any of these, then the Career Transformation Challenge is an ideal solution to help you:

1.       Gain GREATER CLARITY. Discover your ideal role and company fit for a truly fulfilling career.

2.       Enhance CREDIBILITY: Learn the secrets to optimising your resume, LinkedIn profile and interview techniques.

3.       Access the HIDDEN JOB MARKET: Uncover exclusive job opportunities that aren't advertised publicly.

4.       Boost CONFIDENCE: Equip yourself with proven tools and techniques to propel your career forward.

The Career Transformation Challenge consists of 14 videos and workbooks.

Watch the videos here - Spotlight on Software Development - YouTube

To receive the workbook, please email If you would like to discuss your tech career, please book a time in Nicola's calendar.


Catch Nicola at the ACS Tech Summit on Friday 31 May, Brisbane, where she’ll be discussing  managing your IT budget in relation to attracting and retaining amazing tech talent. Register now for great member early-bird rates of just $198