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  • Need some assistance reviewing your resume or Linkedin profile? ACS Queensland’s Preferred Recruitment Partner Nicola Steel of JJP Talent Solutions can help. Nicola is offering ACS members a 10% discount off the purchase of a Resume Review or a Resume Review/Linkedin profile review package using code ACS10.
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In today's competitive job market, having a polished resume and LinkedIn profile is essential to secure interviews and impress potential employers, hiring managers and recruiters. Have you considered how a professional review would have a significant impact on your job search success?

A well-crafted resume ensures that your skills, experience and accomplishments are effectively showcased. Similarly, a strong LinkedIn profile acts as your online professional brand demonstrating a consistent and compelling narrative of your career journey. A fully optimised resume and LinkedIn profile helps you make the right impression by clearly communicating your value proposition and why you're the ideal candidate for the job.

Investing in a resume and LinkedIn review is a strategic move in today's job market. It enhances your visibility, communicates your strengths, increases your chances of landing interviews and ultimately secures job offers with the right employers.

ACS Preferred Recruitment Partner, Nicola Steel, Founding Director of JJP Talent Solutions, has over 25 years recruitment experience in both Australia and the UK. She has a deep understanding of what employers, hiring managers and recruiters are really looking for in job seekers' resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Nicola can help you optimise your Resume and LinkedIn Profile so that you can make the right impression and secure more interviews in a competitive job market.

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Nicola is offering ACS Members a 10% discount with the code ACS10.  

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