Why undertake post-graduate studies in Data and IT at QUT?


  • Keen to attain a high job qualification, salary and skill level? Hear from ACS Tech Summit Gold Sponsors QUT on post graduate courses available in Data and IT.
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If you want to get ahead in your career, postgraduate study can help you deepen your knowledge in an area, find new interests or even start a new career path.

A postgrad degree can mean a higher job qualification, salary and skill level. The tech industry is constantly advancing, but a postgraduate degree in IT, data analytics or business process management (BPM) will help keep your credentials ahead of the game.

At QUT we offer you real-world courses where we combine theory with industry insights to ensure you have up-to date skills aligning with industry demands.

Choose between the following QUT postgraduate courses to advance your career.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Data Analytics

Information Technology (IT) and Cyber Security


Your IT career starts at QUT.

Embark on an exciting journey into the world of Information Technology (IT), data analytics, and business process management at QUT. With industries rapidly evolving, there's never been a more exciting time to dive into these dynamic fields, offering a range of career possibilities.

As digital transformation sweeps across sectors, the demand for skilled professionals versed in advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, data management, and security analysis is skyrocketing. QUT's Graduate Certificate in Business Process Management equips you with the expertise to thrive in roles such as Process Analyst, BPM Consultant, and more.

Meanwhile, our Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics empowers you to harness the power of data, opening doors to careers as Data Analysts, Data Systems Developers, and beyond. This program also serves as a stepping stone to our Master of Data Analytics, where you can specialize in areas such as data-driven decision making.

In parallel, our Graduate Certificates in Business Analysis, Computer Science, Cyber Security, and Networks provide a solid foundation in analysis disciplines, preparing you to tackle complex industry challenges head-on.

For those seeking broader IT expertise, our Graduate Certificate in Information Technology sets the stage for a versatile career across various sectors, from government departments to finance, healthcare, and beyond.

Our Master of Information Technology goes even further, empowering you to navigate the ever-changing IT landscape with confidence. Armed with cutting-edge knowledge and real-world experience, you'll emerge as a problem-solving maestro, ready to thrive in diverse roles within software development, consulting, and more.

At QUT, we're not just preparing you for today's challenges; we're shaping tomorrow's leaders in technology. Join us and embark on a journey that will redefine your career.


Reduce your fees by more than 60%

QUT has introduced Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs) for 10 in-demand IT, cyber security, data analytics and business process management courses, allowing you to save more than 60% on tuition fees.

Here are four things you need to know about this subsidy and what postgraduate IT, cybersecurity and data analytics courses have CSPs at QUT, to help you make informed decisions about your higher education.

1. What is CSP?

A CSP is a higher education place that the Federal government partially subsidises. The subsidy is not a loan, and you don't have to pay it back. This means you pay much less for your course than a full-fee-paying student. The amount you pay depends on the course you choose and your citizenship status. To be eligible for a CSP, you must satisfy one of these residency requirements.

2. What's new in 2023?

We now offer CSPs in 10 of our postgraduate IT-related courses. These courses are all in high-demand careers like Business Analysis, Computer Science, Cyber Security, and Data Analytics.  In the past, CSPs haven’t always extended to postgraduate courses, so this is a great reason to get moving on your goal to do further study.

3. How much can I save?

Studying one of our postgraduate CSP courses can reduce the cost of your fees by more than 60%. This is great news for professionals looking to boost their careers or current undergraduate students keen to do a deep dive with a graduate certificate or master's degree. You can select from a range of graduate certificates, graduate diplomas and master's degrees.

4. How do I secure a CSP?

Follow these steps:

  • Check the list of CSP courses at the end of this blog post and pick the course that best supports your study and career goals.
  • Apply for the course. Follow this step-by-step guide if you get stuck.
  • Upon receiving an offer to study at QUT, follow the instructions to accept your offer. QUT communications will highlight if the place you have been offered is a CSP or not.
  • Complete your CSP and HECS-HELP loan application form provided by QUT by the census date.


Do you want to get ahead in your career or change career path, apply now for our July mid-year intake, https://www.qut.edu.au/study/applying/postgraduate-applying-your-guide