ACS NSW South Coast Chapter celebrates its 20-year anniversary


  • ACS NSW is proud to host events and initiatives across many places in NSW, catering for all its members.
  • The NSW South Coast Chapter has just celebrated 20 years of operations, and Ashley Maher shared the importance of volunteering to enable such initiatives. 

Ashley Maher MACS CP described his desire to give ACS members down on the South Coast access to quality ACS events, without taking five hours out of their evening.

Over the last 20 years, Ashley has had the pleasure of chairing these meetings and helping members network. In his presentation ‘Giver’s Get’, he shared how, as social creatures, we are rewarded in our brains via the release of oxytocin, when we help others, without expectation of physical reward.

Ashley explored how several Wollongong-based initiatives over the last 20 years have helped students and professionals, both locally and globally. In doing so, he highlighted how, in addition to feeling good, these altruistic endeavours can also have tangible benefits for building lasting connections with colleagues. It also provides concrete examples of effective professional skills when going for a new job or promotion.

After 20 years of serving ACS members on the South Coast, the core message was to volunteer and get involved.

In addition to the South Coast Chapter, several ACS initiatives take place across NSW, including Newcastle or Wagga Wagga. Be in touch to find out the next event happening near you.