Elevate your career with QUT postgraduate studies: insights from the ACS Tech Summit


  • Hear from our ACS Qld Tech Summit Gold Sponsors QUT on takeaways from the Summit and how post-graduate tech study can elevate your tech career to greater heights.
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The 3rd Annual ACS Tech Summit in Brisbane united technology professionals in a day of networking, learning, and growth. QUT, as the proud gold sponsor of the event, is excited to reflect on the summit’s success and invite you all to advance your career with postgraduate tech studies.

Why choose QUT for your tech postgraduate studies? 

QUT’s postgraduate programs in information technology and data analytics are crafted for those who aspire to be at the forefront of the tech industry. Our courses are designed to build upon the inspiration and knowledge gained from the ACS Tech Summit, providing a pathway to elevate your professional capabilities in technology. And with the recently introduced Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs) for nine of our in-demand postgraduate courses, you can now save more than 60% on tuition fees.

Continued learning post-ACS tech summit

The summit’s sessions on cyber security, IT leadership, and psychologically safe workplaces, along with workshops on business analytics and generative AI, highlighted the need for continuous learning. A QUT postgraduate course offers the perfect opportunity for tech professionals to deepen their expertise and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

QUT’s commitment to tech leadership and innovation

Lauren Fell and Dr Wasana Bandara, QUT’s speakers at the summit, exemplify our commitment to leadership and innovation in the tech sector. Their contributions to discussions on psychological safety and digital transformation underscore the quality of education and thought leadership at QUT.

Join the QUT postgraduate tech community

We encourage tech professionals motivated by the summit to explore our postgraduate offerings. Our programs are tailored to empower you with advanced skills and knowledge, preparing you to lead and innovate in the digital age.

Discover how a postgraduate course from QUT can be the catalyst for your success. Find your best course match on our website and take the next step in your tech career journey.

Thank you to all ACS Tech Summit participants. Together, we’ll master the future of technology innovation in Australia.

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