Discover the role of a Cloud Solution Architect - Introducing NSW member Christian Hailes MACS CP


  • Chris Hailes is recognised as a certified ACS member and an experienced  Cloud Solution Architect.
  • Chris shares his extensive experience of the ICT industry and his tips to strive and upskill in the Cloud environment. 

How do you describe your role as a solution architect and cloud consultant and what does a day in your role look like?

As a Senior Cloud Consultant, also referred to as a Cloud Solution Architect, I am responsible for evaluating an organisation's IT infrastructure, devising cloud strategies, supervising migrations, and refining cloud operations. My collaboration with sales teams involves assisting them in qualifying their opportunities and advising on the necessary efforts. Additionally, I partner with delivery teams to craft and deploy solutions while ensuring compliance with architectural standards and principles.

Why would you recommend this role to emerging professionals who might consider it?

This role is perfectly suited for individuals who thrive on the breadth of IT and excel at problem-solving. Solution Architecture involves translating business or operational problems into technological solutions and guiding businesses through the evaluation, implementation, and integration of these solutions.

What are some of the essential skills for this role? 

I firmly believe in the power of verbal and written communication; however, this role also requires strong analytical skills and the ability to structure and document processes, systems, or technologies effectively.