Meet a Member – Mat Eames, ACS Qld Branch Executive Committee Chair


  • In OneACS, we’d like to introduce you to some of our amazing members and elected officals. In this edition, you’ll get to know Mat Eames, Chair, from ACS Queensland’s Branch Executive Committee.
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1.      Tell us about your tech career journey highlights to date?

I think the highlights come from being able to travel the world with the tech industry, getting to work on a variety of different projects, businesses and cultures.

I have been lucky enough be involved with multiple enterprise change projects, from establishing global teams to transitioning core enterprise systems, to establishing data centres. The most complex have been those involving payroll, but the most rewarding was seeing people grow into new opportunities and roles.


2.      Why did you get involved at ACS and what are you hoping to achieve on ACS Qld Branch Exec?

I first got involved to find a solution for career mapping for our staff, ACS offered a clear road map and skills development program to help guide our team structure and career planning, it was perfect.

Now I am involved as I want to see Australia become a world leader in technology, grow the industry here so that we have more opportunities for the coming generations… I really want to see this out of QLD as I want my daughters to have opportunities here.


3.      What professional advice would you provide your younger self?

I think having a crack at something outside my comfort zone and earlier in my career, but I don’t have regrets, following opportunities and saying yes is all I did.


4.     What is the ACS member benefit you enjoy the most and why?

The group of people I get to meet. Being able to connect to experts and gain independent advise or have people outside my day to day who can offer advice is priceless.


5.      What is your favourite piece of tech or gadget?

At the moment I like playing with the variety of AI tools, but If I had to pick, it would be my entertainment tech, be it music or sim racing.


How can members contact you?

Via LinkedIn is the easiest way, but always best to meet people face to face at events.