ACS social impact - Making a difference together

In celebration of NAIDOC Week

  • NAIDOC Week (National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee Week) is an annual celebration in Australia that honours the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Celebrated each July, NAIDOC Week has a theme chosen to promote awareness and understanding of the issues facing First Nation Australians.
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ACS Social Impact. Making a difference together

NAIDOC Week provides Australians with the chance to come together and celebrate the rich contributions of Indigenous peoples to the nation. It is a time for reflection, education and appreciation of the diversity and resilience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

At ACS, we want to contribute positively to the careers of our members and society. As the professional association for Australia’s technology sector, we see it as our responsibility. Moreover, if the tech sector is to maintain its growth and critical contribution to the economy, it must tackle three urgent issues: 

  1. The skilled talent shortage

  2. The digital divide

  3. Unsustainable practices


We have established a social impact strategy that identifies six areas where we can work to bring about positive change in the tech sector while providing solutions to these three urgent issues:

  1. Increasing representation of women in the tech sector

  2. Embracing neurodiversity

  3. Increasing representation of First Nations People

  4. Building a sector for all identities

  5. Providing greater access to technology

  6. Reaching carbon neutrality 

We cannot achieve our goals working in isolation. Consequently, we are working to convene partners, subject matter experts and the wider tech sector to tackle these issues together. 

Being NAIDOC Week, our work increasing the representation of First Nations people is of particular importance.



Improving career pathways for First Nations Australians

Generation Australia is part of the global non-profit organisation Generation, which was founded by McKinsey & Company in 2014. Generation aims to bridge the gap between unemployment and job vacancies by providing training programs that equip individuals with the skills needed for specific jobs in various industries.

Generation Australia collaborates with employers to design and deliver training programs that align with the needs of the job market, ensuring that graduates are job-ready.

By addressing both the supply and demand sides of the labour market, Generation Australia aims to create sustainable employment opportunities and reduce unemployment in the country.



Tech careers for Indigenous talent

The Dyilya project is an initiative by Generation Australia designed to address the unique employment challenges Indigenous Australians face. The project provides tailored training and support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, helping them develop the skills necessary to secure meaningful employment.

Offering technology programs focused on web development and Cloud computing, and delivering both technical and non-technical skills, the Dyilya project has had great success in placing young First Nations People into employment.

Jordan Gollan is a proud Ngarrindjeri man with a passion for photography and a keen interest in IT but no formal education in the subject before he was accepted into the Dyilya project. "Generation Australia has given me the opportunity to develop my skills and knowledge as a junior web developer,” said Jordan. Having completed the 14-week program, Jordan was able to secure a job with Accenture where he’s an Application Development Analyst. Jordan continues: “With the support and guidance Generation Australia have provided I am able to achieve my goals and demonstrate the behavioural mindsets that will help me succeed in the industry."




ACS Social Impact. Your chance to be the difference

The Dyilya Project seeks to empower Indigenous Australians with the skills, confidence and opportunities they need to achieve economic independence and contribute to their communities.

As part of our social impact initiatives, we want to see an increase in the number of First Nations Australians working in tech from 0.66%* where it is today to 3.3%, the percentage of First Nations People in the Australian population. 

The work of organisations like Generation Australia is fundamental to helping bring about change. But so is every member of Australia’s tech sector. If you feel passionate about increasing the representation of First Nations Australians, or about any of the six social impact areas we are working in, you can get involved and ACS will support you in making a difference.



*ACS Digital Pulse 2022