Bluerydge ramps up skills and professional development of its team members

27 Oct 2021


  • Local Australia-owned PPP organisation, Bluerydge, has experienced significant growth in response to the changing national security landscape
  • Bluerydge partners with ACS for industry recognition of their commitment to industry excellence and development of their team members
  • Bluerydge offers insights to the cyber challenges facing SMEs today 

Bluerydge have certainly come a long way since it began operating in Canberra in 2019. As an Australian-owned and operated cyber security and technology firm, it has enjoyed a 300% increase in its workforce with team members drawn from a variety of backgrounds and locations. A shared goal of ensuring Australian information is secure, as well as generating local contributions to Australia’s national security landscape, brings the team together and drives them to provide tangible outcomes and solutions to support the customer achieve their objectives. 

Australia currently requires around 2,300 cyber security professionals, with an expected demand of at least 17,600 additional workers in the sector by 2026. The Australian federal government will also invest $1.35 Billion into the cyber security program over the next 10 years. As a result, the cyber security field grows at a rapid pace, delivering new job roles and career opportunities with high skill demands. With this, cybersecurity qualifications and IT certifications are bound to gain more importance and relevance in the field. 

Bluerydge continues to actively invest in their consultants to ensure that the capabilities of its experienced, highly skilled and passionate team members are continuously and increasingly developed. Bluerydge supports learning opportunities for their team members by putting them through trainings and certifications such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP), and covering costs for further studies including Masters and PhD in Cybersecurity to complement their work experience.

In addition, members undergo the rigorous ACS professional certification process where they are assessed based on their education, work experience and training.  With Bluerydge consultants having attained Certified Professional (CP) and Certified Technologist (CT) industry recognition for their specialist skills, their clients benefit from the comprehensive knowledge and technical excellence that Bluerydge consultants offer. 

“We remain committed to industry excellence and continuous career development, while gaining relevant knowledge and specialist skills to find more effective ways to respond to evolving cyber threats and incidents,” said Jim Boekel, Bluerydge CEO.

This commitment is further enforced by the partnership between Bluerydge and ACS, aimed at promoting professional advancement and attainment of new skills. Through its engagement with ACS, Bluerydge is provided with the opportunity to access bespoke professional development activities tailored to the needs and capabilities of their team. Additionally, ACS helps professionals to network and connect more effectively with other industry professionals who share similar skills and credentials, and learn from other experts, through networking events and conferences managed by ACS.

When asked about how the company sees the cyber security industry evolving, Bluerydge stated that cybersecurity will have to evolve to allow risk owners to be uninhibited in their activities, especially with the advent of the digital and robotic workforce and emerging markets like secure robotics and space supply chain. Reducing threat surfaces is always a key outcome, however, better and improved tooling will be required so that the reduction in threat surface does not equal a reduction in capability.

Providing scalable and automated security solutions for small to medium business that is both affordable and effective is one of the challenges facing the industry today.  This is a massive challenge that is worthy of undertaking as small to medium business are critical supply chain contributors to services that are relied upon. Bluerydge look forward to the opportunity at remedying this issue and elevating small and medium business to a place of confidence in their information security solutions.

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