Cyber Security in Practice: Network Monitoring and Ethical Issues for Cybersecurity 

29 September 2021


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Last year, we had the privilege to have two Cyber Security subject matter experts, Andrew Muller, Managing Director, Ionise Pty Ltd and Shannon Sedgwick, Senior Managing Director at Ankura presented a Cybersecurity topic at one of our ACS Masterclasses for the Digital Emerging Talent Program members. Andrew and Shannon shared their expertise, advice and guidance on selecting appropriate methods and tools for endpoint monitoring according to agreed policies and standards.

If you are serious about cyber security, we encourage you to take a step back to learn the concepts, tools, techniques, and procedures used for network and endpoint monitoring and what works and doesn't. Study and explore the use cases for network and endpoint monitoring and learn which to prioritise based on the context. 

At the same time, be mindful that there is always a trade-off in technology. It is essential to balance these themes to establish trust and minimise any potentially harmful effect of losing, stealing, or destroying sensitive data. As we create and adopt technology, there needs to be ethically sound standards and regulations that govern the use of artificial intelligence and automation.

The masterclass also examines emerging innovative technology, ethical issues for the cyber security industry, the efficacy of current regulations and guidelines, and the options available for organisations and or government departments that aim to embed ethical decision-making into their culture.

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