Mentoring Matters. Female mentors needed! 

25 May 2022


Being a mentor is a rewarding journey when you help your mentees succeed.

If you are passionate about helping women who need to develop skills to re-enter the workforce, reskilling and leadership, we encourage you to become a mentor now! 

Support the women at Synergy Group

The Digital and Technology Team at Synergy Group are running a Women in Leadership Program and are looking for amazing mentors to help. 

The program is going to intake 3-4 women in their early to mid-careers to undertake a program that aims to provide them with the skills and confidence required to elevate them to the next level in their career. 

The program includes a 6 week Women Leadership Program course at the Yale School of Management and working with a mentor, over six months, on their professional goals. 

This is where we need your help – we are looking for 3-4 mentors to support the women at Synergy Group undertaking this program. As a mentor, you will meet regularly with your mentee and work with them to craft and work on their professional leadership goals. 

For more information

If you’re interested in this opportunity to support women rise in their careers, please reach out to Mandi Semple at

Expressions of interest to become a mentor for ACS Supporting women transitioning to an ICT Career program

The Supporting Women Transitioning to an ICT Career program is a 12 month pre-traineeship program focusing on the needs of women considering a digital technology career.  The objective of this program is to get participants confident, work ready and enrolled in an ICT trainee.  

The Program consists of three pillars:

Confidence: Participants will develop self-awareness, learn articulate their value, increase visibility to influence and how to effectively build networks.

Skills: Participants will build the knowledge required for a range of entry level technology roles and be well placed to enter formal qualifications

Support: Participants will be exposed to ICT Career opportunities through work experience and networking with professionals in the sector.  This includes being paired with a female mentor currently working in an ICT role.

The anticipated time commitment for mentors is 1-2 hrs per month.  It is also hoped that you can be available to attend two world cafe workshops and 2-3 networking sessions over the twelve months.   

Support for Mentors

ACS Canberra will provide support to mentors through information sessions on improving mentoring skills, opportunities for mentors to meet and discuss challenges and share learnings, and regular individual touch points.  ACS members also have access to mentoring professional development programs via the ACS Learning Accelerator

Expressions of interest by 27 May 2022. Click here.

For further information, please contact Dr Vicki Gardiner, ACS Canberra Manager, on 0447 133 118 or  

*Terms & Condition: Mentors must be female in Canberra and employed in a technology role at the time of application and during the program.

**ACS Canberra Supporting women transitioning to an ICT Career program is part of Future Skills for Future Jobs (FSFJ) grant and has been funded by the ACT Government, Skills Canberra.

What skills you need to become an effective mentor?

Experience in the area you’re mentoring someone

You can’t be an effective mentor if you don’t have experience in the area of expertise your mentee needs. For instance, if your mentee is thinking of becoming a nurse, it probably makes sense for you to have nursing experience.

The ability to teach at an individual level

To become a mentor, you need leadership skills. You need to be able to customize your approach to the specific person you’re mentoring.

You need to be able to read a person to see if a teaching approach is working or not. And you need to know how to course-correct and adapt when needed.

The desire to help someone reach their potential

A great mentor wants to see their mentee reach soaring heights. They want them to fulfill their goals and live their fullest life. They want them to feel invigorated.

Communication skills

Every mentor needs proper communication skills to have a successful mentor-mentee relationship. It's the only way to discuss how to develop the mentee’s path forward.

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