GrowRight Digital partners with ACS to promote diversity and reduced bias in IT recruitment


  • Why GrowRight Digital believes diversity and inclusion is important
  • How GrowRight Digital is achieving our goals
  • Why the ACS is a great fit for our organisation


GrowRight Digital shares many common goals with the ACS, which are centred on the growth of the nation’s digital skills capabilities as well as inspiring the next generation of technology professionals. Growing the nation's digital skills and literacy, helping companies grow through finding talent and matching people to careers in areas they may not have thought possible.

At GrowRight Digital we are doing just that through our development of advanced AI recruitment technology including ERICA - a AI-empowered recruitment screening platform.  ERICA can help candidates find their ideal next step in their career, looking at a wide range of attributes from your hard and soft skills, to your personal ambitions for your ideal role.  Additionally, ERICA removes explicit bias in recruitment while providing the tools for recruiters to promote diversity and inclusion in placing candidates. Best of all, ERICA can see patterns that are normally missed, such as the ability to identify ideal candidates even if they are working in different professions, recognising your transferable skills and helping you enter the IT profession. 

 We believe there is a wealth of untapped talent working in roles or industries that would be perfect for a career in IT. New people bring new ways of thinking, new solutions to problems and we all benefit from this growth.

About GrowRight Digital

GrowRight Digital is a Canberra based technology company which focuses on leveraging AI and machine learning technologies for the recruitment industry.

GrowRight Digital’s main product and core team member is ‘ERICA’.  ERICA is a AI-empowered recruitment screening platform which enables recruiters to rapidly reach a shortlist of candidates while removing explicit bias, reducing implicit bias and promoting diversity in the candidate pool.

ERICA and Grow Right are seeking to reset the very foundations that recruitment is built on.  ERICA, our AI solution, will match candidates to roles using machine learning, neural networking and fuzzy logic that goes beyond any traditional tool found in the market today!  But then ERICA goes to the next level, also matching candidates on complex conditions unique to each role, ERICA learns overtime how to improve matching capabilities, weighing up years of experience, types of roles, education and more.

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