Delos Delta joins ACS as part of the Professional Partnership Program (PPP)

8 Dec 2021


  • ACS Canberra is very pleased to welcome Delos Delta Professional Partnership Program (PPP) organisation.
  • We asked Delos Delta to introduce themselves and why they chose to partner with ACS.

Why did you join as a PPP organisation?

The ACS Professional Partner Program is fantastic program, which allows the entire Delos Delta team to benefit from the ACS’s suite of services and events.  We love the personalised approach of the Program and the ‘Reinvestment Strategy’ which helps fast-track professional development at Delos Delta.  

What value does ACS give Delos Delta going forward?

ACS are industry leaders in the ICT, tech and innovation sectors, all core to the work of Delos Delta.  We see ongoing value in this partnership across multiple dimensions, including capacity building and training, research and advocacy, and collaboration and networking.  We’re looking forward to a long a fruitful partnership with ACS.  

What are the opportunities and challenges you see for the ICT sector in Canberra?

I think the Canberra ICT and tech sector is already exceptional.  We should aspire for global leadership and global recognition.  Canberra has all the right elements for such accomplishment – smart people, deep skills, a thriving innovation network, research and educational expertise, exciting companies big and small, international connections, and local energy.  All the pieces are coming together.  And ACS will continue to play a big part in Canberra’s emergence as a tech and ICT powerhouse.  

About Delos Delta

Delos Delta is a management consulting company specialising in smart cities, digital transformation, economic development, and innovation, who recently joined the ACS family as a Professional Partner organisation.  

Delos Delta’s core expertise lies in smart city strategy, design and implementation.  We aim to embed smart city capacity and systems across all levels of government and within the private sector to create a smarter ‘business as usual’ for Australian cities and communities.

Why do we do what we do?

The ‘how’ of Delos Delta is reform and innovation.  The ‘why’ is to empower our clients, helping them build better cities, stronger economies, more cohesive communities, and a sustainable future.  

Smart tech and innovation are powerful levers and symbols of possibility and positive transformation.  Delos Delta works with our clients to leverage these opportunities in the short term, and embed smart tech capacity and thinking into the organisation over the longer-term. 

Contact us on 02 6143 5503 or to find out more about the ACS Professional Partner ProgramMembership benefits and upcoming events.