Looking for possible graduate employees or wanting to test out some new ideas?

14 September 2022


  • ANU, UC and UNSW Canberra are offering opportunities to provide internships and/or capstone projects.
  • The ACS is working closely with universities in the ACT and now participates on industry advisory bodies and forums relating to IT degrees.

Australia’s technology workforce continues to grow above the previously expected annual average rate as reported in the ACS 2022 Digital Pulse.  With the tech workforce expected to grow to 1.2 million by 2027, it is incumbent for the sector to have greater coordinating to develop skills in the technology workforce.

The ACS is working closely with universities in the ACT and now participates on industry advisory bodies and forums relating to IT degrees. 

We are also starting a program engaging directly with undergraduate and postgraduate student to help with the transition from study to work.

Now we would like to help connect those developing new solutions with students by promoting the universities’ internship and capstone programs.

Students typically undertake these programs in their 3rd year and they allow students to apply skills and knowledge from their courses in professional practice settings.  It also gives students an opportunity to further develop their professional skills, such as communication, team work and project management as ethical practitioners.

What’s in it for organisations?  

It offers an opportunity to undertake some feasibility work on projects that you have in the pipeline and it gives provides an opportunity to meet some of the soon-to-be graduates and see how they may fit into your organisation.

Capstone projects are typically run in both semesters and the students undertake their projects in teams.

Internships may vary between institutions.  They can be project based work undertaken at the university, such as the capstone project program, or can be where students are immersed in the workplace around organsiation and student commitments. 

Both require students to undertake meaningful work and to have work and have a professionally qualified or experienced mentor/supervisor.

Invitations are now open for organisations to submit project abstracts to all three tertiary institutions located in Canberra.

University of Canberra (UC):

Capstone projects: Expression of interest can be sent to  Conveners.ITS-Capstone@canberra.edu.au  for Semester 1 2023 project (commencing on Feb 2023) by 31 Jan 2023.  For examples of past projects, click here to visit the ITS Capstone Expo.

Internships: Students can complete between 120-450 hours of internship, depending on their degree and study plan. Please contact Caitlan.Williamson@canberra.edu.au if you have an interest in this program.

Australian National University (ANU)

Computing Internship:  Information on this program can be found here. Project proposals for semester 1, 2023 will be closing on Monday 12 September.  You can submit project proposals by click here.  Please contact penny.kyburz@anu.edu.au for further information.

UNSW Canberra

Capstone projects: Expressions of interest in projects with UNSW Canberra can be submitted online by click here.  Submissions for session 1 2023 will be closing on Thursday 1 December.  For further information on UNSW Capston program pleas contact Dr Erandi Hene Kankanamge (e.henekankanamge@adfa.edu.au) 

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