ACS Capability Spotlight - Data and Analytics - Nov 2023

This month, we highlight Data and Analytics and the relevant courses and Aspire learning journeys on the ACS Learning Accelerator. 

ACS Learning Accelerator 

Employees should learn about data and analytics as it empowers them to make informed decisions and drive organisational success. In today's data-driven world, understanding how to collect, analyse, and interpret data enables better problem-solving, improved performance, and innovative solutions. It enhances efficiency, identifies trends, and aids in forecasting, which can lead to a competitive edge.

Additionally, data literacy is increasingly valued by employers, opening up career opportunities and enhancing job security. Embracing data and analytics not only fosters individual growth but also contributes to a company's overall effectiveness, making it a valuable skill set for employees in any industry.

Enhance your data skillset to help your organisation make evidence-based decisions, using these channels:


Channel: Data Integration

Channel: Data Warehousing

Channel: Big Data

Channel: Python for Data Science

Channel: Data Visulisation

SFIA skills profiles

The following charts reveal the most popular skills required for key data and analytics roles.