Update your thinking - a view of the future from ACS PPP organisation Synergy Group Australia

16 Feb 2022


  • Governments are increasingly pressured to make timely and appropriate decisions. 
  • Multi-faceted, multi-lateral decisions are hard to achieve amidst a shifting political, social, legal, media and technology landscape. 
  • Risks such as global cyber threats, and expanding privacy regulation makes centralised decision-making difficult. 
  • The role of government is increasingly evolving to be the register-of-truth, custodian-of-laws, and facilitator-of-initiatives.

Update your Thinking

Last year (2021), we saw the James Webb space telescope deliver breathtaking views (and data) of the universe. COVID has also created huge amounts of data detailing every aspect of daily life and biology. The pace of data creation, and utilisation continues to accelerate. Change is relentless.

Change stretches the IT organisation. Data demands are addressed alongside many other challenges like infrastructure upgrades, cloud-hybrid computing, cyber security, privacy, shifting processes, and an evolving organisation. We must think differently to be successful.

Even though Agile has transformed the face of project delivery, organisations continue to process data in a sequential fashion. Data projects are delivered over months, meandering across siloed teams, and often losing focus

Gartner discusses the concept of "Data Fabric" which paints a diverse view of data quantum, timescale, speed, complexity, and governance across the enterprise. Within this landscape are monoliths, new builds, and the occasional relic. Enterprise architects are often found pondering on how to stretch (without tearing) the data fabric to securely address business outcomes.

Updating your thinking involves adopting new perspectives. Key levers to evolve the enterprise include re-posturing the operating model. Small tweaks to an operating model can deliver significant efficiencies. The era of centralised data processing has evolved to hub-spoke operating models, and very soon the meshed organisation will lead. This would be driven by the adoption of “Fusion” teams which blend business and technology expertise.

Product-driven development is another aspect of evolving the organisation. Processes, People and Technology constantly evolve. Product-driven development assimilates, encapsulates, and preserves the value created by project and operational teams. Product development works well to create a start-up culture.

In 2022, a good data strategy should pro-actively anticipate incoming business needs, challenge organisation culture, evolve project funding models, support tangible governance, uplift technology agility, and leverage metrics. This is all done at the same time, at scale and whilst projects are in-flight.

Synergy Group has a unique blend of strategic thinkers from legal, assurance, project, creative and digital technology domains. Our teams work closely with government and enterprises to deliver brilliant thinking, strategy development, and tangible outcomes. We are pleased to partner with the Australian Computer Society (ACS) to deliver a view of the future.

In 2022, we will see the continued emergence of mechanisms that facilitate independent and co-ordinated decision making. This is driven by the distribution of quality data, decisions, and capability from Centres-of-Excellence to operational areas.

Synergy provides a unique blend of thought leaders who understand Government. This includes:

  • Lawyers with insight in legislative compliance, ethics, and privacy concerns.
  • Strategy & Architects to chart digital transformation using agile, measurable, and contemporary methods.
  • Data specialists to preserve organisation data governance, metadata, and uplift data designs.
  • Project development to identify new business needs, design products, and execute projects.
  • Strong project assurance teams who ensure that outcomes are met.

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