What is the value of ACS membership?

16 March 2022


  • Often people ask, “why should I be a member of the ACS”.  It is a fair question because we all have different pressures or options for our discretionary spend.
  • Yes, there is pressure on professional associations to stay relevant to a changing demographic profile.  There are even many books that have been written about this –Race to relevance, Road to relevance, and The end of membership as we know it. 
  • Over the past month, ACS Canberra has had the pleasure of engaging with members and non-members of the local technology sector.  It really is a no-brainer that engagement occurs when an association provides a return on investment to member.

Here are four ways that ACS provides a return on investment, no matter where you are in your career:


Technology practitioners, by nature, are life-long learners and what you want to learn is individual to you. Members have exclusive access to online learning for both technical and professional skills development, whether you are a novice, expert or looking to broaden your knowledge.  The ACS Learning Accelerator also contains vendor certification courses that can save you $’000s. 


Networks are so important for both business and career development these days.  There is so much business going on at ACS events between people because they offer a trusted environment.  Similarly, this trusted environment also allows people to build authentic relationships that last throughout one’s career.  The next person you talk to may be your next employer!  You can also stay connected to the broader industry through access to ACS reports and publications. Finally, being part of a significantly large community give you a loud voice to influence decision makers through providing advice on policy, regulations and standards that impact on the sector.

Career development

In addition to the Canberra mentoring program that is an exclusive benefit to members, no matter your career stage, there are several exclusive online tools available.  For those just starting out in their IT career, the Careers Platform lists graduate and entry level opportunities as well as career and interview tips.  MySFIA allows you to assess your current skills and help plan your learning and development pathway to take you to your ideal role.


Professionalism of the IT sector is getting more focus and what better way to stand out from the crowd, or even prepare for inevitable registration like in the engineering sector.  Third party assessment of not just your knowledge but, more importantly, demonstrated capability that stands you out from the crowd and benefits your employer too.  ACS Certification and Microcredentials are based on the SFIA, an internationally recognised competency framework, thus making you a global practitioner. Your subject matter expertise can also be recognized by serving on committees and task groups within ACS for development standards, bodies of knowledge and speaking opportunities.

So how proud are you of your capability? Are you ready to set the standards of professionalism in the technology sector? The ACS can help you stand above the crowd.

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