ACT Political Parties Keen to Discuss the Future of Canberra’s ICT Industry with ACS

19th October 2020


    Having received a copy of the 2020 Digital Pulse report, the Canberra Branch of the ACS has received invitations to discuss the report further, post election.

The ACT data in the 2020 Digital Pulse report shows that it is a great time to be considering a career in technology, with an average annual growth rate of 5.5 percent expected between 2019 and 2025, equating to an additional 10,130 worker.  This is the highest rate expected for all states and territories and is significantly higher than the Australian employment forecast of 3.1 percent over the same period.

The ACS Canberra Branch has engaged with all political parties having provided the 2020 Digital Pulse report and a summary of the key findings to all members of the recently dissolved House of Legislative Assembly.

Both ACT Labor and Canberra Liberals have expressed an interest in hearing more from ACS regarding the state of the ICT profession after the election. 

In addition to also expressing an interest to discuss the future of Canberra’s ICT industry after the election, the ACT Greens has also sent a response to the Digital Pulse report which can be found here.

The policy platform of the three main parties are available (in alphabetical order):

ACT Greens

ACT Labor

Canberra Liberal

Building the digital workforce in partnership with industry and education providers of the is a current initiative listed within the ACT Digital Strategy released earlier this year.  The Canberra Branch is looking forward to working with all parties and representatives as part of the next Parliament.