Your Future

ACS is the professional association for Australia’s ICT sector. We are here to help you with the right skills and connections that will take Australia forward.

Be future ready: Analyse teams and address skills gaps to be future ready. Learn those in demand skills that will be most valued in an evolving world.

Become a leader: Invest to position yourself as a leader at the forefront of the ICT industry.

Expand your network: ACS is a community that connects you and your team to peers, industry experts and leaders. 

How We Can Help

The world is ever changing, and it’s important to keep abreast with the relevant skills and the latest industry knowledge. With ACS, you have the support of Australia’s largest tech community to help you stay one step ahead and take Australia forward.

Be future ready: In a continuously evolving world, it’s important to future-proof skills. We have a globally recognised professional skills framework that can help you understand the skills profile of your people and where you need to upskill or reskill to be prepared for the future of work.

Become a leader: You are a team of skilled ICT professionals who are passionate about making a real difference in your field. With our exclusive industry insights, seminars, roundtables, signature events and thought leadership reports, you always stay one step ahead.

Expand your network: ACS helps you to expand your network, find new opportunities, and create connections from across industry sectors that can take you to the next level. Join an unrivalled peer network that is growing every day. Leverage Australia’s largest tech community to your advantage.

Get started: Take the first step to future-proof today. Reach out to us via email, LinkedIn or Facebook to get started.