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ACS is the professional association for Australia’s tech sector. We’re here to help you stay up to date, grow your business and expand your network.

Join ACS as an SME and invest in retaining talent, leveraging the right support network and opportunities for your business needs.

Ensure you have the right skills: Understand the skillset of your team and prepare your business for the future.

Retain your people: Investing in your team increases their job satisfaction and your productivity.

Expand your network: Join a community that connects you and your team to thought leaders, industry experts, and peers.

How We Can Help

Keeping your team skilled at the highest levels and in front of the technology curve is essential for your business growth. It can help raise the profile of your organisation and its reputation. Revenue follows.

Invest in your most valuable asset: Your most valuable assets walk in and out of your doors every day. How do you acquire the best talent, keep them growing in knowledge and solving your client’s problems? ACS gives you the resources to get the best talent, keep them motivated and  recognise how to make the right investments in your people.

Staying ahead of the curve: Partnering with ACS gives you and your team access to the latest information about new technologies impacting your business and a vast library of on-demand learning resources with guided learning pathways. We also provide bespoke solutions addressing your organisational specific needs. 

The right network: ACS helps you to expand your professional network. Find the right talent in a competitive market and stand out as an employer of choice. ACS is the largest technology community in Australia and brings together individuals through a multitude of premium events, leadership roundtables, and workshops.

Get started: Identifying the most valuable opportunities for you and your team is a great first step. Connect via email or phone and we can get you started.

There are so many reasons to become an ACS Professional Partner Member. Download the list of ACS membership benefits as a pdf.