Canberra monthly events & news update on ACS Think Tank Initiatives - July 2022

6 July 2022


  • Addressing barriers for women entering the IT industry
  • Delivered a Masterclass Series on Cloud Technology in Government to our largest PPP, APSC, Emerging Talent Programs
  • Low code application builder workshops
  • Supporting the older members' needs 
  • Canberra Mentoring Program - application is open for the next round starting from 16 Aug 2022
  • The next Canberra Fellow's quarterly gathering

Addressing barriers for women entering the IT industry

On Thursday, 30 June, the ACS Canberra successfully launched its "Supporting Women Transitioning to an ICT Career" initiative, providing an online curriculum and access to an industry mentor to women who may have had no prior background in the tech industry. 

Addressing the barriers facing women entering a male dominated sector, this is a three-pillared structured program (Confidence, skills and support). The objective of the program is for 40 participating women with little IT background and wanting to retrain to build the confidence and knowledge to successfully enter a traineeship in either IT or cyber security. The program is a combination of both online and in person activities, including access to validated ACS Learning Accerelator courses suitable for entry level roles.  The program also has a dedicated a female only mentoring program. 

We are now looking for work experience opportunities for the participants. Please contact ACS Canberra if you would like more information.

You can read the full story from Media release from ACS and the article from

ACS Masterclass series for our large Professional Partner Program (PPP) - Australian Public Service Commission (APSC), Emerging Talent Programs

On Friday 24 June, ACS Canberra delivered another Masterclass Series 3 (of 5) on Cloud Technology in Government to our largest PPP, APSC. Over 90 Emerging Talent Programs participants attended the hybrid event.

Haroon Munif, Principal Consultant – IoT, Telstra Purple, spoke about "Digital Transformation with IoT and Digital Twins", while Paul Ashcroft, Cloud Architect, shared his decades of experiences on "Cloud Adoption in Australian Government".

We received a lot of excellent feedback from APSC staff and attendees:

  • Great speakers and learnt about cloud
  • It was good to get a realistic view of things to consider when trying to implement cloud in government organisations
  • Understand what people mean when they refer to digital twins and the internet of things
  • Financial implications and nuances of cloud transformation

First practical tech workshop in ACS Canberra - Low code application builder workshops

On Thursday 21 Jun,  it was great to see many enthusiastic members join us for two hands-on workshops to discover the benefits of low-code application development, the importance of having some must-have capabilities, and knowing the methodology other than learning the language.

Thanks to our workshop facilitator, Stefan Dunkel, who showed us step-by-step the processes of building a low code application in a user-friendly and engaging way. Also, thanks to Pegasystems for partnering with ACS Canberra to deliver this workshop.

Read the full article about low code application builder.

ACS Canberra Mentoring Program - application is open for the next round starting from 16 Aug 2022

ACS Canberra is calling Canberra Members to become a mentor or mentee for the next round of the program starting on 16 Aug 2022.  Expressions of interest closing on 15 July.

  • Become a Mentor to become a better leader and person
  • Apply for a mentor to help you in your tech career

Click here to apply for becoming a mentor or mentee now. Read the full detail about the mentoring program

ACS Canberra supporting older Canberrans’ needs 

Diversity and inclusion are about recognising, respecting and valuing different needs of individuals and people. 

On Thursday, 6 Jun, the ACS Canberra recognised the older members' needs, Tao Zou, Cyber Security Advisor, ATO, who donate his personal time to deliver a presentation on "How to use internet/online services securely" to a group of residents at the Henry Retirement Village. We received a lot of appreciation and thanks from attendees.

The next Canberra Fellow's quarterly gathering

The Canberra Fellows quarterly lunch catch up is a great opportunity to meet with your peers and contribute to the Branch strategy of increasing the profile of the ACS, recognise leaders in the Canberra ICT community and to help build the capability of our workforce.

The next Canberra Fellow's quarterly gathering is scheduled on 4 August 2022, if you are a Fellow of Canberra Branch, please click here to register your attendance.   

IMPORTANT NOTE: *Please remember that only the Xmas dinner is funded by the ACS Canberra BEC and these quarterly lunches are self-funded, noting the discussion, networking and socialising are well worth it the cost of lunch!

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