Behind the scenes series#2: ACS Canberra Team Spotlight


  • You can read more about the achievements from 2022, and what’s to come in 2023, in our "Canberra 2022 Year in Review" article.  
  • To help you get more out of your membership, we want to introduce ourselves and what we do, so you can connect more with us. We are pleased to be running a series of articles introducing our staff and BEC members.
  • This week, we spoke with Jenalle Bushby and asked her what motivates her day-to-day work at ACS.

Get to know Jenalle Bushby, Member Services & Events Manager, ACS Canberra.

Jenalle has been with the ACS for over a decade. My time with ACS has been very enjoyable. I have a wonderful team and supportive Branch manager, Branch Chair and the Branch Executive Committee (BEC) in Canberra. I get to work with colleagues across the business unit who love collaboration, and I get to train and manage new staff. Externally, I have an excellent relationship with our local members, tech professional connections and APS stakeholders. Those respectful, reliable and trusted relationships make my job much more meaningful."she said.

"We work together to help each other and contribute to the tech community and the growth of the ACS, which is rewarding”, she added.

As a Member Services & Events Manager, Jenalle is responsible for events management, digital communication & marketing, mentoring program and the branch's business operational administration. In addition, she also manages a large Professional Partnership Program (PPP) account, where she continues to provide customer-focused services and high-value professional development events to an exclusive (private) group with 300+ members each year. Her dedicated customer-focused services resulted in a long-term relationship (over ten years) with the Digital Emerging Talent Programs team, within the Digital Profession, at the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC), previously DTA.

She loves exploring the latest technology gadgets, software applications and technology trends, and learning hot topics from subject matter experts (SMEs). 

Before moving to Canberra, Jenalle got her first technology experience as an entrepreneur and start-up business owner where her business provided website design, web hosting and internet services.  She established her business, developed and implemented her business strategy, and worked with her staff members to deliver value to her customers and stakeholders. As a result, she successfully grew her business and retained her customers for more than five years, some of which stayed until the business was sold in 2007.

She is an eager learner who never stops learning and improving herself.  Hence, she is a hands-on person who can master and adopt new technology and systems quickly and has excellent project management, business and marketing skills.

Jenalle enjoys what she does as it allows her to use her cross-functional business skills in many different ways. It gives her opportunities to contribute, learn new things, take initiatives, and improve productivity. She is also involved in system and process reviews as a super user to provide end-user experience feedback. She shares her ideas regularly on internal system processes improvements, and analyses what members need in terms of processes and resources.

Jenalle strongly encourages members to engage with ACS staff and elected members. 

She believes that through interaction and engagement with the ACS, we can work together to make a better tech community and society, grow the nation’s digital skills capabilities, industry capacity and inspire the next generation of technology professionals.

Deliver value to our members and the tech community - 2023 ACS Canberra Event program.

With a thoroughly planned event program for 2023, Jenalle and her team are working on executing the event strategy and aim to deliver high-value events and activities for members.  She is looking for SME speakers who are in tech to share their areas of technical skills, insights, and knowledge with our members.

If you are a tech SME and interested in presenting, please read the speaker guide, and express your interest in speaking by completing the online speaker form

The topic themes and dates (subject to change):

  • Cyber Security in Practice - [6 Mar - Hybrid] Masterclass Series#1
  • Software & Programming - [2 May - Hybrid] Masterclass Series#2
  • Data Science Series #2 – [30 May – f2f]
  • Cloud Technology used in Government - [28 Jun - Hybrid] Masterclass Series#3
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Action - [31 Aug - Hybrid] Masterclass Series#4
  • Digital Identity – [4 Oct – Virtual]
  • Data Analytics & Management - [27 Oct - Hybrid] Masterclass Series#5
  • Employability skills as an international student 
  • Industry trends and insights
  • Industry thought leadership [Cyber, Blockchain and Data Science etc.]

In her spare time, Jenalle enjoys walking outdoors with her husband and Pomeranian. 

You will most likely find her walking around a lake on weekends. Other than that, she spends a lot of time on self-directed professional and personal development (online training) as well as on social media to read posts and articles related to “People”, “Technology”, and “Impact”.

She also enjoys learning how to look after her indoor plants, and she shares her beautiful roses at the ACS Canberra Hub.

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