CBR Member insights & update - June 2024


Canberra Branch continues to roll out the supported student membership (SSM) initiative and engage with students, senior leaders, and professional members, as well as at the Australian Cyber Security Summit.

  • ACS Canberra Branch Executive Committee (BEC) election outcomes for the FY2025 
  • ACS members shine at Australian Cyber Security Awards
  • Education sector engagement
  • New PPP organisations

ACS Canberra BEC election outcomes for the FY2025 (1 Jul 2024 - 30 Jun 2025) 

New Elected members starting 1 July 2024:

  • Jim Boekel
  • Kevin Landale
  • Tim Turner

Re Elected members are:

  • Ian Bull (Secretary)
  • Rob Bollard (Ordinary Member)

Thank you to everyone who nominated and participated in the election. For a up to date the BEC list, go to ACS website.

ACS members shine at Australian Cyber Security Awards

Thursday last week (20 Jun 2024), ACS Canberra Manager, Dr Vicki Gardiner, and ACS Canberra BEC member, Rob Slattery, attended the Australian Cyber Security Awards hosted by Cyberdaily.com.  Excitingly, Brad Nagle, Managing Director of ACS PPP company Kirra Services, won the Indigenous Cyber Security Leader of the Year category.  Brad, a proud Bundjalung man with cultural connections back to Fingal Head, founded Kirra Services in 2017, where the word Kirra means ‘leaf’ in the local language.  Kirra Services is a Canberra-based majority-owned and Supply Nation Certified Indigenous business, and is Canberra’s latest Professional Partner Program (PPP) organisation.

Dr Adnan Anwar, Senior Lecturer at Deakin University, another ACS PPP organisation, was named Cyber Security Professional of the Year – Government & Defence.  Adnan was also a finalist in the Cyber Security Professional of the Year – Professional and Financial Services award.

Other ACS PPP organisations and members who were finalists for the awards were:

  • Bluerydge 
  • Red Piranha
  • Cryptoloc Data Security 
  • Liam Pope 
  • Richard Baker
  • Deanna Gibbs
  • Dr Adnan Anwar
  • Jamie Wilson
  • Dr Rosetta Romano
  • Rohit (Roy) Borekar

Congratulations to all our members.

Education sector engagement

Canberra Branch continues to roll out the supported student membership (SSM) initiative and are preparing our activities for semester two at the University of Canberra (UC) and CIT.  Last week, Vicki Gardiner celebrated the end of semester with the UC staff and gave them an update on the SSM initiative and a quick spiel on ACS resources that may be useful in augmenting their teaching.  This includes the ACS Learning Accelerator, which was demonstrated to CIT Departments of Cyber and Information Technology.  

Jenalle Bushby recently attended the CIT enrolment day inspiring new students with the possibilities open to them in the tech sector and building brand awareness of ACS to the pipeline of tech professionals.

New PPP organisations

A hearty welcome goes out to new PPP organisations Kirra Services and Trilogy Networks.  We look forward to working with these organisations and hopefully bringing you more information about them soon.

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