Develop professional relationships through mentoring


The 2024 first round of the ACS Canberra Mentoring Program (Feb to Jul) welcomed 54 participants, and it will be officially launched tomorrow (15 Feb); at the same event, we will also be celebrating and presenting certificates to those who completed the last round of the program.

The ACS would like to take this opportunity to thank our mentors and mentees for their hard work during the last six months. We started with 55 participants (23 mentors and 32 mentees), and at the end of the program, 80% of the participants had completed the program successfully. Congratulations!

Mentoring matters!

Mentoring partnerships can be mutually beneficial and rewarding – on both professional and personal levels. And both partners can improve their communication skills, learn new ways of thinking, and, ultimately, advance their careers.

  • Mentors can develop leadership skills and gain a personal sense of satisfaction from knowing that they've helped someone.
  • Mentees can expand their knowledge and skills, gain valuable advice from a more experienced person, and build their professional networks. 

Mentoring relationships can be mutual or two-way, with each person being the mentor and mentee of the other person. Alternatively, they can be one way only, although an individual may have their own mentor while also acting as a mentor for others at the same time.

How do we get the best out of the program?

1) The three key components  

  • Communication
  • Feedback
  • Outcomes

2) The three key strategies  

  • Knowledge sharing and support
  • Skills assessment and development
  • Honesty

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