Driving forward the ICT sector in Canberra and beyond


  • The Australian Computer Society (ACS) is delighted to welcome National Consulting Partners into its Professional Partners Program.
  • National Consulting Partners offers a range of industry certification training programs to uplift strategic skills capability and practical advisory services for ACS members, students, the community and public sector organisations interested in cyber security, project management, business analysis, and organisational change management.

National Consulting Partners, renowned for its authentic approach to business technology transformation, represents the epitome of innovation and a relentless pursuit of positive change in the digital era.

Founded by George Hlaing, a visionary leader with over two decades of international experience, National Consulting Partners is driven by a relentless commitment to bring like-minded individuals together to make a meaningful impact on society. As a proudly 100% sovereign Australian-owned enterprise supported by esteemed academics, industry experts, thought leaders and a security-cleared team, National Consulting Partners harnesses the power of unity and collaboration in fostering Public-Private Partnerships.

More than just a consultancy firm, National Consulting Partners is a visionary architect of business technology transformation, innovation, and a catalyst for positive change in our rapidly evolving world. Recognising that people are the greatest assets in this digital era and knowledge economy, National Consulting Partners is dedicated to continuous learning and development at the core of its operations. This commitment empowers individuals (including students) and organizations, to unlock their full potential by uplifting the strategic workforce and skills development with contemporary training and technologies

By joining the ACS Professional Partners Program, National Consulting Partners gains access to invaluable resources for building an exceptional and capable technology team. National Consulting Partners looks forward to leveraging this strategic alliance with ACS, academic institutions, industry technology giants, and think tanks. The goal is to create a vibrant platform and community for collaborative problem-solving, and incubation of innovative solutions.

National Consulting Partners offers a range of industry certification training programs, masterclasses and opportunities for ACS members, students, and the community interested in cyber security, project management, business analysis, and organisational change management. Through internships, mentorship programs, hands-on capstone projects, and training opportunities, National Consulting Partners provides access to cutting-edge technology and real-world case studies. These initiatives allow students to gain practical experience and develop essential skills for thriving in the industry.

National Consulting Partners anticipates the following future opportunities and challenges in the ICT Sector in Canberra.

  • Cyber Security and Data Privacy: As digital transformation accelerates, cyber security and data privacy present both a challenge and an opportunity. The ACS could play a pivotal role in advocating for robust cybersecurity measures, promoting best practices, and facilitating knowledge sharing among professionals to safeguard our digital future.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML): The rapid advancement of AI and ML technologies offers tremendous potential for innovation across various sectors. The ACS could focus on ethical AI development, offering training and resources to ensure that professionals are equipped to harness these technologies responsibly and effectively.
  • Digital Equity and Accessibility: Ensuring equitable access to digital resources and services remains a challenge. The ACS could lead initiatives to promote digital literacy, accessibility, and inclusion, ensuring that all members of society can benefit from the digital revolution.

The partnership between National Consulting Partners and ACS represents a powerful alliance aimed at driving forward the ICT sector in Canberra and beyond. By combining resources, expertise, and a shared vision for the future, National Consulting Partners and ACS are set to make significant contributions to the industry, empowering professionals and students alike to meet the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.

  • If you are interested in learning more about Digital Cognitive Defence: Combatting Disinformation, Misinformation and Malign Influence (DMMI), we invite you to join us for a hands-on one-day masterclass on 16 April 2024 in Canberra, as we aim to focus on giving participants the knowledge and skills necessary to recognise, manage and build resilience to DMMI. 
  • In return, participants will receive a certificate of completion from the University of Melbourne, and ACS members will automatically receive 8 CPD hours for the workshop if they attend the full session.

Please click here to secure a ticket for a one-day workshop on 16 Apr at the ACS Canberra Hub (Corner of Northbourne Ave and Bunda St, Entrance via Bunda St). Suite 3, Level 5, 64 Northbourne Ave, Canberra ACT 2601

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