End-to-end test automation for public sector digital transformations

Content contributed by Tricentis


Tricentis is renowned for its ability to facilitate end-to-end test automation in highly complex environments with numerous applications and diverse technologies, with thousands of applications and a broad mix of technologies. Tricentis is recognized for

  • Supporting end-to-end test automation across complex landscapes 
  • Making test automation easier to build, more resilient, and less burdensome to maintain
  • Increasing efficiency by enabling simple test case reuse, providing real-time requirements traceability, and centralizing reporting across a best-of-breed toolchain.

Tricentis is renowned for its ability to facilitate end-to-end test automation in highly complex environments with numerous applications and diverse technologies. It stands out for several reasons:

Firstly, Tricentis supports end-to-end test automation across a wide array of landscapes, including custom applications, mainframes, packaged applications, and various types of interfaces such as web, mobile, and APIs. This comprehensive coverage ensures that all aspects of a realistic business process can be effectively tested.

Secondly, Tricentis simplifies the test automation process, making it easier to build and maintain tests. Its model-based approach allows users to work at the business abstraction layer, eliminating the need for specialized programming resources. Business users can create and maintain tests by scanning the application and leveraging reusable test automation components, resulting in more resilient tests that can adapt to changes in the application.

Moreover, Tricentis centralizes visibility and control across an organization's quality efforts and tools. By collecting quality metrics into a central repository and providing custom dashboards for analysis and visualization, Tricentis ensures that quality data is not scattered across disparate teams. This integration with various tools also enables smoother process optimization and more accurate reporting.

Additionally, Tricentis seamlessly integrates into CI/CD pipelines for consistent and efficient execution. It ensures stable continuous testing within the pipeline, reducing false positives and providing fast feedback on incremental changes. Stateful test data management and orchestrated service virtualization further enhance the reliability and flexibility of the testing process, while large-scale test execution can be accelerated through distributed testing across multiple platforms.

Overall, Tricentis' ability to address the challenges faced by public sector organizations with complex application landscapes makes it a valuable solution for enabling end-to-end test automation and streamlining testing processes.

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