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Your Future

ACS is the professional association for Australia’s ICT sector. We’re here to help prepare you for the future and unlock new opportunities for you and your organisation.

Invest in your team by joining ACS as a professional partner and preparing them for the jobs of the future. Discover new ways to maximise your business opportunities.

Be future ready : Give your organisation the confidence that a skilled and adaptable workforce provides.

Retain good people: Investing in your team increases their job satisfaction and their productivity.

Expand your network: ACS is a community that connects you and your team to thought leaders, industry experts, and peers from across industry sectors.

How We Can Help

Finding, hiring, and retaining talent is essential to the future of your business. Closing skills gaps quickly is critical to your success. You need to stay informed amid a mass of ever growing information.

Finding the hidden value in your team: The right people, with the right skills, in the right roles solves many problems. Sometimes skills gaps are obvious, but not always. ACS can help you to understand skills gaps within your teams, hire people with relevant skills and upskill your people to and unlock their hidden value. 

Build your reputation: ACS’s members represent a large cross section of the Australian technology landscape, from students through to CIOs and industry leaders. Leverage our network to be at the forefront of ICT and be seen as an employer of choice in your field. Being part of ACS introduces you to this community, raising your profile, and opening your ideas to a new audience. 

Solidify partnerships: ACS helps you to expand your network, find new opportunities, and create connections that can make the difference. Our role is to bring individuals together at every level and help them shape the future.

Get started: Identifying the most valuable opportunities for you and your team is a great first step. Connect via email or phone and we can get you started.

There are so mnay reasons to become an ACS Professinal partner. Download the list of all ACS Professional Partnership benefits as a pdf.